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Report Bugs / Join Open Source DevelopmentΒΆ

Join the chat at License: AGPL v3

To reach our dream of making COVA the protocol of choice for privacy preserving computing and data utilization, we need help from the developer community around the world. In that spirit, we have open sourced all our repos on github under AGPL v3. If you would like to contribute:

  1. Please join our public Gitter developer channel. You can get direct 1-1 help from the developers and community memebers there. (Lobby: General discussion, Cova-Core: Protocol related technical discussions)

  2. If you have some interesting idea/bugfix to propose, please start an issue on that specific repo and submit a pull request for changes.

  3. Follow our social media channels to keep updated about upcoming hackathons, meetups, and developer bounty programs.