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Application Layer Library

Application Layer Library consists of two parts-- one for the Data Owner and another for the Data User. This paradigm allows a dApp builder to build light application layer leveraging the fat protocol layer with CovaCore and a substrate of routing and compute nodes that are ever increasing in cumulatie computing power. Our overall goal is to make building dApps as simple as possible--in fact most of the pure python apps can be ported directly without much, if any, modifications.

Data Owner:

These following steps are performed by the data_owner.pylibrary:

  1. Initialize DataOwnerFileProcessor using data_file_path and policy.
  2. Read data from file and json of policy
  3. Create smart data by combining data and policy json
  4. Encrypt smart data and then save encrypted smart data and key
  5. Depending on whether data owner uses our pre-packaged uploader (Dropbox, AWS S3, or IPFS) or manually unploads the file, in this step we initialize DataOwnerSecretUploaderusing data_hash and data_download_url
  6. Read encrypted data and key, and register data set into block chain
  7. Generate secrets of key using Shamir’s secret sharing algorithm
  8. Upload asset (it contain metadata, download link, routing nodes public key encrypted secrets) into blockchain

Data User