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CovaChain: Persistence and Wallet Layer

CovaChain consists of two blockchain components:

  1. COVA Wallet blockchain (a modified go-ethereum private testnet deployed)
  2. Metadata persistence blockchain (implemented with tendermint and bigchaindb)

Why Blockchain

One of the main problems with TEE network (or distributed computing network) in general, is that computation state persistent and tracking is rather difficult. So, as a lightweight blockchain solution, we used bigchaindb to store metadata, secret key bits, and computation states in encrypted form. Only respective routing nodes from inside an SGX TEE enabled machine can access those data, hence providing scalability and privacy.

We are using Ethereum to store COVA token and to deploy our general smart contract. In the future, we plan to move this layer entirely to inside the TEE node.

Completed Development

We have finished developing a solution with forked go-ethereum and bigchaindb (with tendermint engine)

Upcoming Development

We are moving much of our blockchain layer inside the TEE layer to secure data and reduce attack surface to minimum. The updated version would be released with COVA-alpine.