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Locally Deploy and Develop

While you can develop dApps and run smart policies just following our tutorials and quick-start guide, if you want to modify the source or join our open source development effort you can build the whole COVA protocol locally from scrath!

There 4 different parts that has to be deployed for full local deloyment, but fear not--all of them are dockerzied/have makefile recipes:

Part 1: Deploy Blockchain APIs (Port: 5000, 5001)

First, fork/clone cova-blockchain repo:

git clone

cd cova-blockchain/Blockchain

Assuming you have docker installed, enter cova-blockchain/Blockchain directoy and simply run the following docker-compose command with PRIVATE_KEY for ethereum and a TOKEN which secures your faucet. PRIVATE_KEY=0xa1f391b.... TOKEN=ASecretKey docker-compose up

  1. Ganache and API deployment (Port 5000): While for our public testnet, we used a fork of go-ethereum miners, for local deployment, we recommend Ganache from Truffle suite.

  2. Bigchaindb API deployment (Port 5001): You can use our deployed bigchaindb servers.

Part 2: Run 5 Routing Nodes (Ports 10000-10004)

You need to run all 5 routing nodes, for that First, fork/clone cova-core repo:

git clone

cd cova-core

Now you need the generate 5

Part 3: Run at least 1 Compute Node

Part 4: Install COVA Python/JS Library

(Optinal) Part 4: Run Nodes inside CovaClave