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Public Testnet

Welcome to COVA Public Testnet: COVA-Nyx

Join the chat at License: AGPL v3

Covalent Foundation is excited to launch our public testnet codenamed COVA-Nyx. Now you can develop privacy-preserving data utilization programs by creating smart data and smart policies.


Get Started with COVA-Nyx

  1. Read this official Public Testnet Documentation--especially the quickstart guide
  2. Check out our cool network status dashboard
  3. Technical Overview and Testnet Github Repo Description
  4. Learn how to fully deploy locally
  5. Report bugs/Join Open Source Development

cova dash

Unique COVA-Nyx Features and Solutions

While there are various TEE networks trying to solve problems similar to COVA, we believe COVA-Nyx shows our unique value proposition with implementation code to show progress that are not only on technical whitepapers:

COVA-Nyx Other TEE Testnets Comments
Framework for data access control enforced at runtime via python ByteCode evaluation No Unique COVA feature
Framework for writing privacy preserving program in Python Partial While some other platforms use Rust, particularly for machine learning tasks Python is still the language of choice
Native SGX support for full python scientific computing stack (numpy, scipy, pandas, sklearn, and many more) Partial There is one product using Graphene; however, no documented port of those libraries
An easy-to-use data scientist/developer-friendly interface to port existing python programs and machine learning models by running python natively inside TEE No No other TEE network provides ability to instantly port existing Python programs
Cryptographically secure key storage system using threshold encryption and routing TEE nodes No Currently, COVA is the only network using threshold encryption and TEE to prevent large scale data leakage during side channel attacks such as meltdown or spectre
Persistent and scalable TEE network running CovaCore Partial Some recently released testnets claim to have TEE networks; however, they have not documented use of scalable algorithms such as the ones used in CovaCore
Permissionless TEE ComputeNode architecture and mining through useful computation No There are similar non-TEE networks, but no TEE network
Scalable and privacy preserving blockchain layer for persistence Partial While there are secret smart contract paradigm, we are yet to see scalable persistent layer leveraging the privacy guarantees of TEE


  1. Broadly speaking--anyone with data! Especially, if some party has sensitive data, the COVA protocol can be particularly useful
  2. Open source developers with interest in contributing to a new paradigm of trusted and verifiable computing
  3. Enterprise or organizations with the need for sharing sensitive or access control
  4. Anyone with the need for decentralized, verifiable computing power instead of trusting centralized servers
  • Codename inspiration for COVA-Nyx: Νύξ--the Greek goddess of the night and creation